Apollo: “ZERYNTHIA, we have a problem”

The Apollo (Parnassius apollo) has been chosen Butterfly of the Year 2017 by the ZERYNTHIA Association with more than 50% of the votes of the public and the specialists. This diurnal butterfly, associated to mountain systems, is threatened and suffers setbacks in its populations due to several factors, especially the climate change.

ZERYNTHIA responds to the distress call of the Apollo with the organization of outings, activities and informative material to observe it and make it known, and in this way promote its conservation.

La apolo (Parnassius apollo) es la Mariposa del Año. Autor: ZERYNTHIA.

Apollo (Parnassius apollo) is the Butterfly of the Year. Author: ZERYNTHIA.

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The apples arrive to Natusfera

The version of Natusfera for the Apple’s iOS operating system is now available and can be used in eight different languages. The platform already has more than 1,300 users who have uploaded more than 7,800 observations.

Capturas de pantalla de la aplicación móvil para el sistema operativo iOS.

Screenshots of the application for the mobile operating system iOS.

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Natusfera, a new virtual platform which connect nature lovers from all over Europe

Created by CREAF and GBIF.ES, Natusfera consists of a web portal and application for mobile devices which will host information about living beings observed in nature including photo sharing and location. The European Citizen Science Association considers Natusfera to be a benchmark model for initiatives of this type, and has proposed that it be translated into as many languages as possible.

Usuària de Natusfera introduint una observació.

Natusfera user creating an observation.

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